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  • Repair and service of most electronic audio / music industry equipment.
  • All repairs carried out by a degree qualified Electronics Engineer.
  • Large stock of parts for fast turnaround as well as spares accounts with most popular manufacturers. Can obtain current Roland, Casio and Korg parts.
  • Official or recommended service centre for Blackstar (out of warranty), Roland, Casio, Yamaha, Marshall and other manufactures.
  • Notable customers : Gary Numan, Chemical Brothers, Hot Chip, BBC, Bonners Music Store.
  • Established by Andy Collins (Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, see services page for biog)
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  • Check out our “Antech’s Awesome Audio Boutique” pages for some bargains.
  • Based in the South East of England near Eastbourne.

We specialise in the repair, service and sale of electronic equipment for the music industry, this includes amplifiers (amps), keyboards, digital pianos, synth repairs, some high end HiFi to nearly all makes including: Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Casio, Technics, Panasonic, Studiologic, Sequential circuits, Moog. Vox, Marshall, Orange, Fender, (Deluxe, Deville, Champ, Blues), Laney, Gibson, Ashdown, Trace Elliot, Line 6, digital effects and pedals, studio outboard equipment, pre amps, equalisers, compressors, reverbs, valve amplifiers, transistor amplifiers, mixing desks, turntables, samplers, synths, guitar and bass electrics etc. Electrical safety tests, PAT testing,
East Sussex UK.

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