E-MU Esi-32 Digital Sampler


-The ESI-32 is an excellent polyphonic sampler for any musician at any level.
-comes with 2 MB of RAM (about 11 seconds at 44.1kHz stereo), 32 voices polyphony, 16 MIDI multitimbral parts, built-in 3.5″ disk drive, extensive editing features and an easy to use interface.
-Auto looping, truncating, triggered sampling and auto key placement functions make sampling easy.
Editing features include truncating, loop editing, gain, reverse, taper, DC filter, stereo/mono, tuning, compressing, Para-EQ, time comp/exp, pitch shift, Doppler, exciter and transform multiply (harmonic sample morphing) as well as a host of envelope, filter, velocity and MIDI effects.
-Great condition
-Perfect working order

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