Loud Elite 18 inch Bass Speakers

Loud Elite 18 inch Bass Speakers


-Good quality durable 18 inch bass speakers
-B & C drivers
-Cosmetic wear but good working order

-Collection only, or call for delivery details


A pair of rather beefy Loud Elite 18 Subwoofer speaker cabinets with B&C Speakers. There’s little to no background on the brand and model of speaker cabinet but the driver/loudspeaker in each cab is a B&C KD1000 that are both in great condition and have a great pedigree. B&C have been manufacturing speakers with over “70 years of industry experience”. The cabs are weighty, roadworthy beasts in their construction but are a bit rough around the edges. The have been kept dry but are a little dusty. Ideally a 2 person lift each.