Antech Systems offer a quick, reliable, professional repair service covering nearly all electronic musical equipment.

  • Amplifiers: Valve or Solid-State, or Digital. Instrument amps (Guitar, Bass, Keyboard), Hi-Fi amplifiers, Power amps and Pre-amps of any age repaired and serviced.

  • Keyboards: All keyboards, synthesizers and digital / electric pianos repaired and serviced however vintage or high-tech.

  • Studio Equipment: All recording equipment, digital / analogue effects units and outboard gear, mixers or P.A. systems repaired and serviced.

We also offer the following…

Portable Appliance Testing : The introduction of the Electricity at work regulation (EAR) in 1989, led to the requirement of inspection and test for portable appliances, it is now a requirement for all gigging musicians or their agents to have certification on their portable equipment which means everything with a mains plug. Antech Systems offers professional P.A.T testing and certification from £8 an item.

Schools / Colleges : – Reduced prices for bulk repairs on school equipment.

Andy Collins, a brief biog…

Andy Collins obtained a diploma in engineering, then an honours degree in electronic engineering and has been professionally repairing electronic music equipment for 27 years. He is a musician and songwriter. As a self employed engineer, musician and overseas freight assistant worked for Sting and as a friend, guitarist and engineer was championed by Peter Grant. Such company gave rise to the realisation of a need to keep busy musicians’, treasured equipment working reliably, so he started Antech Systems and by applying care and a wealth of engineering knowledge is now respected throughout the industry. His maintenance, for over 10 years of the Chemical Brothers’ studio equipment earned him a credit on their album “Born in the Echos.